About Us

Floating Charm Lockets  LLC was established in 2010, and we are located in Westfield, Pennsylvania - USA.  We are one of the original sellers of floating charm lockets.  We strive to offer the largest selection of high quality floating charms and lockets at reasonable pricing.  We have thousands of products in stock, including a large selection of FCL original designs.  Bulk order wholesale discounts are available for all products.  Why buy from us?

We offer low factory direct pricing for high quality products.  When you shop with us you bypass the high retail and direct sell company mark-ups.

Locket Quality:  We buy our stainless steel floating charm lockets from a factory with very high quality control standards, and rarely have quality complaints.  Due to the popularity of the lockets there are many factories that are mass producing cheap quality stainless steel or alloy lockets, and plenty of inexperienced companies buying and selling these low quality products.

Floating Charm Selection and Quality:  We have a large selection of our own original copyrighted charm designs, including many that we have manufactured in the USA.  We also carry a large selection of charms that we purchase from manufacturers of authentic products, including the popular "Forever in My Heart" brand charms.  Why buy cheap knock-offs?  We sell first quality products for less than most companies are charging for their low quality knock-offs.